Terms of Service

No Returns.

We have no return or limited return policy on prop money. The reason is that we have seen some customers order prop money, use in video and then return it.

In general there is no return on prop money. However, there are a couple of exceptions.

1. The product is not as described. Please read the description carefully and understand what you are buying. We have prop money with filler blanks and full print. If you buy prop money with filler blanks, it is not an excuse to return saying that, "I thought it is fully printed".

However, if you purchased an item, and it reached you damaged, you have to send us pictures to show the damage, and we can send you replacement. But you have to cover the shipping cost.

Wrong Address Provided !

More than 5% of the orders that we receive either have wrong or incomplete address. If that is the case, we either cannot ship the product or it comes back after shipping. In Either case, we will issue you refund of your purchase price, MINUS shipping and handling, even if you do not get the product. Because providing correct and complete address at the time of checkout is your responsibility.